The Vision

Community Development

  • Expanding Access to Broadband Internet 
  • Improving Roads and Bridges
  • Creating Youth and Senior Activity Programs

Our district is made up of majority rural communities that we love and cherish. But simply because we choose to live in a rural area should not mean that we do not have access to broadband internet services, accessible roads and bridges, and community programs for our youth and seniors. We love the convenient amenities afforded to urban areas and believe that our citizens deserve the same. But our roads and bridges are in desperate need of repair to ensure our safe travel and transport. 

The youth and senior members of our district deserve access to activity programs that provide enrichment to our communities. Creating additional programs that teach youth life skills and develop their talents will benefit our districts future while additional programs for our seniors will help to honor the legacy created by our leaders. 

The vision for our district is to increase the number of households that have access to internet services, continue to clean up our roads and bridges from wear and tear, and help foster an environment of leadership and care for our youth and seniors by providing them activities at our local recreation community centers.

Economic Investment

  • Building Partnerships with Business 
  • Providing Access to Better Jobs and Wages
  • Sustainable and Controlled Development 

Our district has a lot to offer businesses and corporations looking for hard workers and a great community to invest in. But our citizens and land deserve fair treatment and respect when businesses wish to establish in our neighborhoods. We will ensure good working relationships with industries willing to bring better paying jobs to our district while being mindful as we grow and develop that we are being responsible and creating sustainability. We must hold our business partners accountable to be “good neighbors” when they join our community and become part of our districts future. 

The vision for our district is to ensure that good businesses are partnered with to provide access to better paying jobs and as we grow that the development is controlled to ensure the preservation and economic stability of our district.

District Enhancement

  • Supporting Local Schools
  • Expanding Access to Health and Senior Care Services
  • Increased Public Safety 

Across our great state we hear the need for more support for public schools. Our district is not exempt from that need, in fact, our need is in many ways greater. Our district has been overlooked by our General Assembly for decades and our children and teachers suffer the cost of that neglect. Our district deserves more and supporting teachers is the first start. Teacher pay is essential to increasing efficiency and support to our local schools.

In addition to education, across our state we have an increasing aging population. Our district is among one of the fastest increasing populations in the state and the need for access to health and senior care services is at the highest. For years our district has heard talks of bringing hospital services closer to our community but with no success. The need in our community is critical and our citizens deserve the same access afforded to residents across the state.

Ensuring the welfare and safety of our citizens and their property in the district is also of vital importance. Rural areas are often targets for acts of crime due to the nature of the land and terrain, but our citizens should not have to live in fear of their own safety and the safety of their family and property. Increasing public safety in the district will help to provide more coverage and surveillance to our communities.

The vision for our district includes supporting teacher pay and our local schools so that our children can succeed. Our vision is to bring more access to health and senior care services for our citizens so that they don’t have to wait an hour for an ambulance or drive an hour to seek emergency care services from a hospital. Our vision is to increase public safety in our communities to ensure that our citizens and their property are safe.

Access & Accountability

  • Town Hall Meetings
  • Community Collaboration 

The citizens of our district deserve to have their voices heard. Often lawmakers forget after elected into office that the people they serve have a right to demand accountability and transparency from our government. Our district needs town hall meetings to provide the citizens access to discuss their issues with their elected officials. These town hall meetings and public outreach events allow for the community and lawmakers to collaborate on the best solutions to some of our district’s toughest issues. 

Our vision respects and values the voices of the people in the district. Our vision would provide more access and collaboration to ensure that the needs and desires of the community are being addressed. Our vision will ensure increased accountability is provided to every citizen of our district.

Our vision for SC House District 52 is…

“Committed to the Community. Dedicated to Progress.”