#New52 Leadership Development Fellowship

Creating The Community Leaders Of Tommorrow!

The #NEW52 Leadership Development Fellowship is a FREE Virtual 6-week Summer leadership training program created to help cultivate young leaders within the Lower Richland communities.

Classes are held on consecutive Saturdays during the months of June and July. Each Class starts promptly at 9:00 am until 12:00 pm.  Applications open in the Spring. Accepted candidates are notified of selection. Each participant will be awarded with a lapel pin and certificate upon successful completion.

Guest Speakers cover:

1. History of Current and Past Local Leaders

2. The Concept of Leadership / How Leaders Speak

3. School Leadership (Student/Parent)

4. Grassroots Community Leadership

5. Governmental/ Political Leadership

6. Special Guest Speaker on Leadership Development

This program was designed with the future of our District in mind because Dr. Johnson is Committed to the Community and Dedicated to Progress!

 Ages 16 – 40. Under 18 must have a parental consent. Priority is given to members SC House District 52. Up to 20 slots available.

Have any questions or want to suggest a speaker?

Contact Our Program Coordinator Margaret Sumpter: Info@johnsonforsc.com